The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) has appointed Madelyn Antoncic as its CEO, effective 25 February 2019.

Antoncic is a former vice president and treasurer of the World Bank and has held leadership and management roles for over 30 years in global financial institutions in both the private and public sector.

From 2011 to 2015, while she was vice president and treasurer of the World Bank, she was widely credited with driving financial innovations such as catastrophic risk structures to help member countries mitigate and transfer climate-related catastrophic risk.

Antoncic was also an early advocate of establishing global standards for green bond issuers using the World Bank’s convening power and position as the bank, along with the European Bank, that started the green bond market.

SASB Foundation board of directors chair Robert Steel said: “SASB is pleased to welcome Madelyn Antoncic as our next CEO. Madelyn has extensive experience and contacts in the financial markets. Her deep understanding of the risks and opportunities related to environmental, social and governance issues will be invaluable as we take SASB’s codified standards to the market and support their use by corporations and investors.”

Antoncic said: “I am thrilled to join SASB and take on this important opportunity. I have built a career studying and managing risk, value creation and economic policy, and what I have learned is the importance of governance and transparency for ensuring the best, most efficient outcomes.

“For shareholders and stakeholders external to a company, having clear, accurate information is critical for good decision-making. I am excited to put my knowledge to work on behalf of businesses around the world seeking to improve how they identify, manage and communicate financially material sustainability risks and opportunities to their investors and creditors.”