The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
(ICAEW) has called for boardrooms to be more diverse to avoid

In response to the UK Financial Reporting
Council’s consultation on gender diversity, which was organised to
discuss possible amendments to the UK Corporate Governance Code,
the ICAEW also said more must be done to ensure all potential
management candidates get equal treatment for mentoring, networking
and training.

The ICAEW supports the proposed changes which
would require companies to publish their policy on gender diversity
in the boardroom and report against it annually.

“Board members who bring different experiences
to the boardroom will make for greater opportunities for diversity
of thinking,” ICAEW corporate governance head Vanessa Jones

In 2011, the ICAEW launched its “Women in
Leadership” programme to support female financial professionals
with their career progression. The institute said its nationwide
narrowing the gap programme continues to support career breakers
with their return to work.