The International Accounting Standards Board
(IASB) has launched a public consultation on the strategic
direction and overall balance of its future work programme.

The IASB is seeking feedback on how it should
balance the development of financial reporting with the maintenance
of IFRSs and, with consideration of time and resource constraints,
the areas of financial reporting that should be given the highest
priority for further improvement.

“Up until now, the agenda of the IASB has
largely been determined by the need to support a first wave of
jurisdictions adopting IFRSs and the completion of our programme to
improve IFRSs and align them with US GAAP. With this work largely
completed, our attention can now turn to new issues that may
require our attention. We seek your views to get the balance and
the direction of our future work plan right,” IASB chairman Hans
Hoogervorst said.

Deadline to comment is 30 November.

The IASB will also hold an interactive webcast
on the agenda consultation on 3 August.