CPA Australia chief executive Alex Malley has said the election campaign lacks debate on substantial issues about the country’s future and called for the incoming government to issue measures capable of revitalising Australia’s competitiveness.

Malley said there is a growing weariness with the campaign, which according to him, appears to be more focused on forecast figures and expending rather than on strategic issues.

"While government finances are vitally important, what voters are looking for is a long-term plan for the future designed to stimulate broader-based economic growth, not a race to surplus for surplus’ sake," Malley said.

In the view of CPA Australia’s chief executive, the country is experiencing a loss of competitiveness within the global markets and added:

"That should serve as a wake-up call for urgent and decisive action by an incoming government. It shows that the election campaign’s fixation on costings has been at the expense of a genuine policy debate on substantive and necessary reform issues".

Malley said the incoming government should tackle these challenges and should aim at creating stronger links with Asia as well as reducing transaction cost for business.

In the run-up of the September federal election a survey by CPA Australia found that a majority of businesses believe the opposition party would be more beneficial for their activity.

The Australian accounting body surveyed more than 1,000 firms from across the Australian economy and asked them which party they think would benefit most their businesses.

According to CPA Australia’s survey, 65% of respondents supported the Coalition party, compared to 17% who supported the ALP, while some 12% of respondents did not know which party would be most beneficial for their business.

There are two main contenders for office, the party of the incumbent Prime Minister Kevin Ludd, the Australian Labor Party (ALP), and the Coalition party led by Tony Abbott.

The federal election will be held on 7 September.

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