The UK’s Accountancy and Actuarial Discipline
Board (AADB) has issued draft guidance designed to create more
transparency in the board’s decision making process regarding
complaints filed under its accountancy scheme.

The guidance follows changes made to the AADB
accountancy scheme earlier this year.

One key change related to the test applied
following an investigation, to help the board decide whether to
refer a formal complaint to a disciplinary tribunal.

The amended accountancy scheme introduces for
the first time a consideration of the public interest in proceeding
with a formal complaint at this later stage of the process. A
public interest test has always been applied when deciding whether
or not to begin an initial investigation.

The new guidance is designed to ensure viable
cases progress to a disciplinary hearing unless it is clearly not
in the public interest for it to do so.

Responses to the consultation are requested by
22 October 2010.


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