The World Bank has awarded the Institute of
Certified Public Accountants in Ireland (CPA Ireland) two contracts
advising on the development of the accountancy profession in

CPA Ireland said the combined value of the
contracts is $1.5 million and will be carried
out in collaboration with outsourcing specialists

CPA Ireland said the first assignment in
Rwanda will focus on assisting the Institute of Certified Public
Accountants in Rwanda to develop processes around the education and
training of professional accountants.

The second contract will be an assignment in
Mozambique to establish a new national accountancy body, including
the development of legal, institutional and governance

 “Apart from the prestige of these
contracts they come at a very important time for the restoration of
Ireland’s international reputation and we are delighted to have
played our part in that,” CPA Ireland chief executive Eamonn
Siggins said.


CPA Ireland