International accountancy network Kreston Global has announced its new ESG Advisory Committee, a 12-month project that will audit the network’s current net societal impact, guide member firms in implementing their own net societal impacts and help develop ESG advisory services for clients, so they, in turn can deliver on their commitments.

The taskforce, which will be led by Senior Partner at member firm Kreston Reeves, Andrew Griggs, will comprise expertise from across the network. It will be supported by Kreston Global HQ staff led by marketing director, Virginia Cook.

The aims of the taskforce include delivering on net societal impact commitments set out for 2023-2026, understanding and interpreting the regulatory ESG landscape, developing ESG tools to help the delivery of services to clients and acting as ESG ambassadors and advocates with stakeholders.

Three sub-groups within the taskforce are to be set up to address regulation, client sustainability and ESG services, and member firm sustainability strategies.

As part of the network’s aim of promoting positive impact around the world, and developing guidance and tools for clients to meet their own ESG commitments, the group will be augmenting Kreston’s current sustainability hub on their website as well as providing knowledge and tools for members. There will also be a sustainability training package within the Kreston Business Connections Academy, available to Kreston Global members.

Kreston Global chief executive Liza Robbins said: “The creation of an ESG taskforce is a vital part of meeting our ESG commitments, as individual member firms and as a network. This committee will go to great lengths to ensure that our purpose – of connecting ambitious and enlightened people from the entrepreneurial business community to promote positive change – remains at our core. I thank Andrew for his role thus far in establishing and taking forward the infrastructure which will provide a basis of the committee’s role and look forward to seeing how it progresses in the New Year.”

Kreston Global board director Andrew Griggs further added: “As the global business landscape continues to develop at pace, the ESG agenda has never been more important, shaping and changing corporate behaviour and investments around the world. We want to support businesses with, accurately tracking and monitoring their ESG commitments. This taskforce will give the network, member firms and their clients the ability to do so with greater precision and efficiency which will be invaluable as we all work towards a brighter future together.”