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Comment: Integrating assurance is about both ‘who’ and ‘how’
19 December, 2014 The IIRC has asserted it "does not aspire to become a standard setter in assurance". The question of who would or should is less straight forward than it may seem, writes CPA Australia chief executive Alex Malley
  • Malaysian profession eyes regulatory overhaul
    19 December, 2014 Malaysia's Finance Ministry has plans to undertake a comprehensive reform of the rules governing the accountancy profession, including the creation of a new regulatory body.
  • Assurance for SMEs: Is there any evidence of its value?
    18 December, 2014 While regulators are lifting the audit thresholds around the world, SMEs still see the access to funding as a challenge. This raises the issue of the value of assurance services for SMEs and the role of accountants in offering, or not, these...
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WCOA: A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum...
18 December, 2014 Rumour, gossip, unreported events, unquotable quotes, inconceivable episodes and unrepeatable moments that happened in Rome and should stay in Rome. As heard and compiled by Carolus Martinus Tornerius and Vincentius Robertus Huxius
  • To audit or not to audit, that is the question
    18 December, 2014 With audit thresholds rising all over the world, audit and assurance services for SMEs seem to be losing their value at the expense of the accountancy profession’s relevancy. Vincent Huck reports on the challenges for the profession and how it is...
  • Brothers in arms, Mark Campbell interview
    18 December, 2014 A capacity building summit, with no journalist in the room, was held at the WCOA. One of its witnesses, Mark Campbell, was our eyes and ears in such an under-reported event. He tells Carlos Martin Tornero that capacity building belongs to the...
  • Exclusive GAA survey: Accountancy profession resists retirement
    18 December, 2014 The Global Accounting Alliance (GAA) and the Succession Institute have given The Accountant exclusive access to a global survey which found that many accounting firms are still oblivious to the necessity of having succession plans in place,...
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Guest blog: Audit needs a check-up
08 December, 2014 By Richard James | Regulatory change has shaken up the sleepy – some would say cosy – world of audit. For many clients, that might be a pain. But for most, the changes represent a valuable opportunity to revisit a key supplier relationship, writes...
  • Warren Allen: "All roads lead from Rome"
    26 November, 2014 At the World Congress of Accountants 2014 in Rome, IFAC out-going president Warren Allen in his opening speech highlighted the increasing importance of the profession in the past 100 years and the role it should play in the economic growth of...
  • Accounting ethics and professional judgement
    24 November, 2014 What are your ethical obligations when your client has been given an official ‘amnesty’ for past behaviour? Professional judgement is what makes us professional accountants writes CPA Australia chief executive Alex Malley
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