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Bringing natural capital into the metrics of growth
27 November, 2015 Edinburgh/London, UK. The World Forum on Natural Capital held its second ever conference earlier this week, but as large businesses and multinationals pledge their commitment to nature, protestors outside the forum question their motives.
  • Colella: “Corporate failure begins with personal failure”
    26 November, 2015 At ICAS annual conference taking place in Glasgow, the global body will propose adding “moral courage” as a new fundamental principle to strengthen ICAS code of ethics, upon which every new member takes an oath when joining the profession.
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Technical brief on the implementation of the EU audit reform
27 November, 2015 Ahead of the implementation on each member state, find out more about potential scenarios in four maps explaining the definition of PIE; mandatory firm rotation; prohibition of NAS; and internal audit partner rotation. Understand also the...
  • Comment: 10 years – and counting on accountancy
    18 November, 2015 By Toyin Ademola, head of ACCA Nigeria | What I have learned over the last 10 years is that Nigeria needs professionally qualified accountants. Nigeria has the largest population of youth in the world with 33,652,424 aged between 0-18. This means...
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How to navigate the corporate reporting landscape
26 November, 2015 Integrated Reporting means so much more than putting together your financial and sustainability reports, writes Alice Allegrini
  • Ethics – stick to the principles
    28 October, 2015 While rules and regulations are in the purview of others, let’s keep our Code of Ethics as the foundation of our principles and public interest commitment, writes Alex Malley
  • Editor's letter: Tantalized Greece
    14 October, 2015 A large number of legendary stories, chronicles and anecdotes from both history and mythology could be used to illustrate Greece’s current tragedy. The best one, to draw an analogy which captures Greece’s burden after the third bailout, is that of...
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