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European Parliament report reveals shortcomings on governance of EU accounting standard-setting
27 April, 2016 A draft document, seen by The Accountant, reflects the compromises agreed yesterday between the MEPs who are part of ECON, which shows considerable shortcomings -- particularly in the way the EP is involved in the accounting standard-setting process.
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PwC has massively violated its own code of conduct, says LuxLeaks trial witness Sven Giegold MEP
28 April, 2016 Sven Giegold, MEP: “If the whistle-blowers go to prison they will become a public symbol. They will probably be the first tax justice’s prisoners of conscience. This will backfire on PwC. Is this what PwC would like to have linked to their name?”
  • Corporate reporting of human proportions
    07 April, 2016 Brussels/London. Representatives of the investment community, internal auditors, company directors, the accountancy profession, as well as EU regulators and lawmakers gathered in March at an event held at Europe’s political capital to tackle the...
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Panama Papers and tax in the boardroom
27 April, 2016 By Alex Malley, CEO, CPA Australia | The leaking of the Panama Papers, all 11.5 million of them, has generated a flurry of activity around the world as some political leaders duck for cover, others fall on their sword and yet more scramble to show...
  • A diverse profession is a strong profession
    08 March, 2016 Diversity and inclusion in the accountancy profession is not just the right thing to do; it is a business imperative, writes IFAC president Olivia Kirtley
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