Young finance professionals (under 36), want to switch to a new job within two years and ultimately want to set up their own business, according to a global survey by the ACCA.

Of the 18,000 professional under the age of 36 surveyed by the ACCA, 70% are looking to move jobs in the next two years and 67% are looking for a promotion.

As such Respondents indicated that they were more likely to stay with an employer if they offered the opportunity to learn and develop skills (88%), career progression opportunities (88%) and a competitive financial remuneration package (87%).

“The next generation are aspirational, entrepreneurial and unafraid of going solo,’ Helen Brand, chief executive of ACCA, said. “They have grown up in the age of the start-up – and see themselves very much as part of it. A huge 81% of respondents want to start their own company at some point in the future, with 10% harbouring ambitions to do as their next career move.”

Full result of the survey can be found on the ACCA’s website