KUALA LUMPUR: International Federation of
Accountants (IFAC) chief executive Ian Ball has issued a call on
government to lead by example on sustainability, which has been a
key theme at this year’s World Congress of Accountants.

Over the past few years, there has been a
movement from the accounting sector to push sustainability as a
corporate issue and businesses are starting to respond. Governments
need provide leadership to make sustainability a ‘way of life’ for

“Governments should acknowledge the need for
integrated reporting to bring together social governance,
environment and social reporting. I would like to see the G20 say
something about the importance for such reporting and get behind
the effort,” Ball said.

Ball and IFAC president Göran Tidström told
the The Accountant that the conference theme ‘Accountants – Sustaining Value Creation’ couldn’t be
any more pertinent.

“The topic is very relevant to the current
times,” Tidström. “The key message is that the accountancy
profession is taking on a broader role in the development of
financial stability and the profession is prepared and better
equipped to take on that role.”

Tidström feels the accountancy profession is
prepared to embrace integrated reporting and are already listening
to what stakeholders want.

Ball added: “We are seeing a lot of interest
internationally in integrated reporting and sustainability. It is
something very important to the global economy and the global
environment. The accounting profession has a real role to play in

Tidström and Ball said in the coming year IFAC
will focus on enhancing the relevance of the accounting profession
and the relevance of IFAC to its member bodies and the wider
public. It will also continue to focus on standard-setting and
implementation support.