The UK Audit Commission (AC) has begun
the process of outsourcing its audit work to accounting
firms. The procurement process is being viewed as a big opportunity
for UK firms to substantially increase their public sector

The commission has issued contract
notices with the Official Journal of the European Union, which
typically advertises public sector tenders across Europe, in line
with a timetable for audit work for principal and small public
bodies. Contracts going out to tender include National Health
Service (NHS) Trust audits.

The full outcome of the outsourcing
programme is expected to conclude in April
2012, shortly before the commission will be
abolished under UK government plans.

The deadline for submission of tenders is
December 2011 for principal body procurement and January 2012 for
small body procurement.

The UK government is abolishing the commission
in order to save £50m ($80.2m) a year in costs.

In an effort to curb spending and spiralling
debt, the government has slashed public services across the board
in recent years. Some cuts have been criticised as
being too severe and too sudden as the UK economy tries
to recover from recession.


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