Research by specialist recruiter Randstad Financial Services has revealed that salaries for accountants in the UK were broadly flat compared to last year, with average salaries stuck at approximately £70,500 ($89,600). 

According to the Randstad Guide to Salaries in Financial Services 2019, the maximum salaries commanded in Internal Audit stayed at £175,000 ($222,300) while the minimum salary for a qualified internal auditor remained at £50,000 ($63,500).  Mid-range salaries sat between £75,000 ($95,300) and £100,000 ($127,000).  Temporary contracts continued to pay between £300-£400 ($381-$508) per day at the bottom of the scale and £550-£700 ($699-$890) at the top.

The best accountancy professionals working on temporary contracts in Regulatory Reporting are continuing to command rates of up to £600 ($762) per day with permanent salaries also stable.

However, there was much more movement in Management Reporting & Analysis.  Mid-range day rates for contractors rose 8%, from around £325 ($413) per day to approximately £350 ($477), while the maximum pay rate rose 20% from £375 ($477) to £450 ($572).  Top-end salaries for senior A-players remained at the £120,000 ($152,000) mark.  This means that pay in temporary contracts is now 30% higher than in permanent ones – an increase compared to the 2018 equivalent of 27%.

In Product Control, minimum range salaries stayed between £35,000-£50,000 ($44,500-$63,500) while mid-range pay was stable at £50,000-£80,000 ($63,500-101,800).  Maximum pay was approximately £120,000 ($152,000).  However, temp rates proved more volatile with minimum day rates rising dramatically, from £200 ($254) last year to £300 ($381).  Typical mid-range rates rose from £350 ($445) to £375 ($477).  And senior high-flyers saw rates rise 10% from £500 ($635) to £550 ($699).

Randstad also shows minimum salary ranges in Taxation remained static at between £40,000-£50,000 ($50,800-$63,500) while mid-range salaries continue to sit around £50,000-£90,000 ($63,500-$114,000).  Senior roles command now more than £90,000 ($114,000) with the best candidates in senior roles earning up to £200,000 ($254,000), depending on organisation, location, and experience.