More than half (52%) of accountancy and finance professionals in the UK look for an organisation’s diversity and inclusion policies when researching a potential employer, according to professional recruitment group Hays’ diversity and inclusion report 2019.

While the majority of potential recruits looked for this information, two-thirds found it hard or extremely hard to find evidence of these commitments when they have looked for it before applying.

The survey of 5,200 respondents found that this issue was of a higher priority to younger professionals; almost three-quarters (73%) of those aged under 25 looked for a commitment to diversity and inclusion when researching a potential employer. This is compared to 46% of over 55s who said they looked for this commitment.

The survey also found that professionals in more senior positions place importance of profiling a commitment to diversity and inclusion in recruitment materials than those less senior. Some 73% of respondents at director level said doing this would have a positive impact, compared to 67% at junior level.

Hays accountancy and finance director Karen Young said: “Our findings show that profiling a commitment to diversity and inclusion is an area where accountancy and finance employers can improve in order to recruit more diverse candidates. A clear commitment to these policies is of most importance to the younger generation of workers, so leveraging this will help employers appeal to a broad range of new talent in the year ahead.

“By taking measures such as eliminating their language bias and being transparent about diversity and inclusion policies on their website, employers can benefit from improved customer orientation, service, innovation and productivity, which are just some of the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace.”