New Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland (CPA
Ireland) president Geoff Meagher has put the competitiveness and
credit availability for SMEs at the top of his agenda for his year
in office.

Meagher has also pointed to the need for businesses to get the
best advice possible despite it being all too easy to cut cost on
professional advice.

“The consequences of this are potentially catastrophic if the
business finds itself dealing with a low cost but incompetent and
unregulated accountant,” Meagher said.

“Businesses which fail to comply with the tax codes, company law
and best practice in terms of operations and corporate governance
are those most likely to fail.”

Meagher said CPA Ireland will continue its long running campaign
to encourage the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation to
grant legal recognition for the term accountant.

He said this will make it easier for businesses to recognise
that the accountant advising them is properly qualified and
regulated by a competent professional body.

Meagher worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers and food and
nutritional company the Glanbia Group before retiring in 2009.

He still works as an adviser for Glanbia.