Quebec CGAs granted new


Certified general accountants in Quebec have been granted the
right to audit private sector companies, following a National
Assembly decision.

The newly passed Bill 46, an Act to amend the Professional Code
and the Chartered Accountants Act in respect of public accountancy,
has been hailed by the Certified General Accountants Association of
Québec (CGA-Quebec – Ordre des comptables généraux licenciés du
Québec) as a “historic milestone”. It authorises CGAs holding a
public accountancy licence issued by CGA-Quebec to conduct audit
and review engagements and to issue special reports in the

CGA-Quebec chairman Pierre Samson said CGAs have waited many years
for these legislative amendments.

“An injustice that had prevailed since 1946 has now been
rectified,” he said. “The former measures prohibiting CGAs from
conducting private-sector audits were wholly without merit. CGAs
have all of the necessary skills to fulfil that role.”

Under the former legislative provisions, CGAs were authorised to
conduct audits of municipalities with multi-million-dollar budgets
but were prohibited from auditing private-sector companies,
regardless of size.

Samson said the previous situation was in violation of the
Agreement on Internal Trade.