Pixie is new, cloud-based CRM app from co-founder of SimpleTax, Celso Pinto. Pitched at small accountancy firms with 2-10 employees, it aims to ensure important details and deadlines do not go falling through the cracks. It brings emails, tasks, documents and contacts all into one place that making them easier to manage.

Pixie may be used by all members of the firm for a flat monthly fee of £30. Pixie's automation covers a broad range of actions. It does simple things like scheduling recurring jobs. It can also engage with clients to request time-sensitive information.

The software has also been designed to reduce the amount of manual work need to keep a CRM up-to-date. Once an accountant links it to a GSuite/Office365 email, Pixie starts:

  • prioritizing emails from clients vs. others
  • linking emails and files with the right tasks and client records, even emails "sent with their iPhones"
  • enabling GDPR compliant document exchange ‘without any clunky portals’

Pixie is open software, able to push data into thousands of other apps (such as Slack). Likewise, other apps can push data and trigger jobs in Pixie.