In response to a request from the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) finance ministers, the OECD has published a report, Combatting Tax Crimes More Effectively in APEC economies.

The report draws on international best practice as well as examples and successful practices of APEC economies, focusing on the legal instruments, policy tools, and capacity building initiatives that are available to help in the fight against tax crimes in APEC economies.

It highlights the standard setting and best practices that are available to APEC countries to adopt, as well as the capacity building initiatives and the evaluation and impact measurement tools that are available to them.

The report also includes a call to action, which explores practical measures to enhance the capacity of APEC Economies to combat tax crime, including through increased use of the recently established OECD Asia-Pacific Academy for Tax and Financial Crime Investigation hosted in Tokyo and the OECD Latin America Academy for Tax and Financial Crime Investigation in Buenos Aires, Argentina.