AICPA gives confidence vote to

McLaughlin takes control of New Zealand

AICPA proposes IFRS exams…

Irish institute to launch forensic accounting

AICPA gives confidence vote

The governing council of the American Institute of Certified
Public Accountants (AICPA) has voted to designate the International
Accounting Standards Board as an official accounting body for the
purposes of establishing international financial accounting and
reporting principles. The vote amends AICPA rules to allow the
institute’s members the option of using IFRS as an alternative to
US GAAP. Other bodies designated by the AICPA to promulgate
accounting standards are the US Financial Accounting Standards
Board, the Governmental Standards Accounting Board and the Federal
Accounting Standards Advisory Board. All three will continue to set
standards in the US.

McLaughlin takes control of New Zealand institute

Audit New Zealand executive director Terry McLaughlin will take
the helm of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants
(NZICA) at the end of June and becomes chief executive of the
nation’s largest professional body. NZICA president Graham Crombie
said McLaughlin, who has spent more than two years on the
institute’s executive board, will bring a wealth of experience.

AICPA proposes IFRS exams

The introduction of IFRS examinations into the American
Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) curriculum
features in a content update proposal the institute has released
for public comment. The AICPA has proposed its students be
initially tested on the IFRS conceptual framework, with additional
testing of international standards occurring if IFRS becomes
generally accepted in the US. The AICPA board of examiners noted
there is a worldwide movement towards acceptance of IFRS and
acknowledged it could become a generally accepted body of
accounting principles in the US in the future.

Irish institute to
launch forensic accounting course

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland (ICAI) has
established a post qualification diploma in forensic accounting.
ICAI director of life-long learning Becky Bristow said: “Forensic
accounting is one of the fastest growing fields of accounting work
worldwide. The need for specialist people to investigate, document
and provide evidence in court is consistently growing.”