Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the
moon, will provide insights on exploring a new frontier at a CPA
Australia event that tackles strategic long-term planning in Sydney
next month.Neil Armstrong

‘An audience with Neil
Armstrong’ traces events leading up to the first moon walk and how
astronauts worked collaboratively and with courage to achieve the
remarkable moonwalk in 1969.

CPA Australia chief
executive Alex Malley said Armstrong was targeted for the
discussion because the first moon walk was the ‘most significant
event’ that occurred in the past century.

Malley said the NASA
mission, which has never been repeated, was one of the finest
examples of long-term strategic planning in the history of mankind
and a good example for businesses and governments of today, who are
often glued to short-term agendas.

The CPA Australia leader
believes today’s politicians are too caught up on single term
politics while many management teams make decisions based on the 4
to 5 year terms they are at the helm.

Unlike fellow astronaut Buzz
Aldrin, Armstrong rarely makes public presentations and his
appearance is a coup for CPA Australia, which is celebrating its
125th anniversary this year.

‘An audience with Neil
Armstrong’ will take place at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition
Centre on August 24.