The International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC)
Foundation’s monitoring board has approved the appointments of
Tsuguoki Fujinuma and Robert Glauber as vice-chairs of the IASC
Foundation trustees.

Fujinuma has been a trustee of the IASC Foundation since 2005.
He is a former president the International Federation of
Accountants and a former chairman and president of the Japanese
Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Fujinuma was also the senior partner of Ernst & Young
ShinNihon before retiring in June 2007.

Fujinuma’s current roles include professor at the Chuo
University Graduate School of Strategic Management and a board
member of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Group.

Glauber is a lecturer at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government
and was a visiting professor at Harvard Law School in 2007 and

Glauber has also served as chairman and chief executive of the
US National Association of Securities Dealers, and was a professor
of finance at Harvard Business School for 25 years.

Both Fujinuma and Glauber will serve three year terms as
vice-chairs of the IASC Foundation trustees.