The UK government has rejected pleas to delay
the transition to a new corporation tax online filing regime saying
it will be “sympathetic” to difficulties in software delays.

Earlier this month the Institute of Chartered
Accountants of Scotland (ICAS) and other large institutes urged the
UK government to review its 1 April 2011 date of mandatory iXBRL
tax filing because many companies and tax agents do not have the
software yet.

In his response letter, HM Treasury exchequer
secretary David Gauke said “no-one who has made a reasonable effort
to comply will be penalised” and any customer with real
difficulties were told to contact HM Revenue & Customs

However, ICAS assistant director of tax Donald
Drysdale said “this is far from ideal.” He explained that
contacting the HMRC can be “an almost impossible task at the best
of times.”


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