CPA Ireland has extended its global ties
in response to the financial crisis.

The institute was not previously focused on
international recognitions and reciprocities because most members
were based in Ireland or engaged in industry overseas. This has

“We have had to revise that approach and we
have worked on creating opportunity for our members in markets that
have been less affected by the downturn,” CPA Ireland chief
executive Eamonn Siggins explained.

The institute has entered into mutual
recognition agreements with CGA Canada and CPA Australia and gained
audit recognition for its qualification in New Zealand.

“We have looked at three key markets –
Australia, Canada, New Zealand – that have been least affected by
the banking crisis and are the most likely ports of call for young
Irish professionals who want to broaden their horizons,” Siggins

CPA Ireland has also been looking more closely
at opportunities to collaborate with peer professional bodies.

“We are working closely with our tax institute
here in Ireland to develop joint projects on tax, rather than
having the two of us doing the same thing,” Siggins said.

“We are working very closely with our
universities and institutes of technology to share resources and
offer them a market for some of their programmes.”

MBA for members

The institute has entered discussions
with a number of organisations and has already secured access for
members to the University of Derby’s MBA programme.

“The particular programme they offer suited
our purpose, they are quite advanced in terms of online delivery
and we are looking at busy professionals using their time to best
advantage, so there was mutual opportunity,” Siggins said.

“We have agreed on that mutual opportunity and
from next year, CPAs will have access to the MBA programme online
and in the classroom and if the numbers are sufficient the
University of Derby will set up a tuition centre here at CPA.”