Integrated Reporting (IR) could be an accelerator of long term investment among Asia-Pacific Economies Cooperation’s (APEC) members, International Integrated Reporting Committee (IIRC) chief executive Paul Druckman said.

Speaking at an APEC’s meeting held in Philippines this month, Druckman said its members are among the most vibrant economies in the world with potential for continued growth, especially across Asia-Pacific countries.

APEC is aimed at supporting sustainable economic growth and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region and brings together 21 countries, including the world’s three largest economies US, China and Japan.

"APEC economies are not without their challenges, particularly the growing need to attract long-term investment in strategically important sectors including infrastructure and energy," Druckman noted.

In a statement the IIRC said it aims to continue to promote financial stability and building resilience into the economies within APEC by spreading the word about IR in the region.

According to the council, almost a third (22) of the 83 participant businesses in the IIRC Pilot Programme Business Network are from APEC countries.

Druckman will provide additional briefing on the framework in the next meeting of the APEC’s Business Advisory Council in Singapore.

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