The International Public Sector Accounting
Standards Board (IPSASB) is seeking comments on an exposure draft
that proposes improvements to several International Public Sector
Accounting Standards (IPSAS).

The IPSASB said the proposed amendments are
related primarily to requirements for recognition, measurement and
disclosure, and do not represent substantive revisions to the
content of existing standards.

The IPSAS included in the project are:

  • IPSAS 1, Presentation of Financial
  • IPSAS 2, Cash Flow Statements;
  • IPSAS 9, Revenue from Exchange
  • IPSAS 13, Leases;
  • IPSAS 18, Segment Reporting;
  • IPSAS 20, Related Party Disclosures;
  • IPSAS 21, Impairment of Non-Cash Generating

The ED is part of IPSASB’s ongoing annual
improvement project, which intends to increase the usability of the
standards and to maintain alignment with IFRS.

Deadline for comment is 30 June 2010.