The International Integrated Reporting
Council (IIRC) has issued a draft outline of the Integrated
Reporting Framework.

“The concept of ‘integration’, embedding
value-relevant financial and non-financial information into
strategic decision-making and a company’s reporting cycle, is
gaining momentum as a vital step in the evolution of corporate
reporting globally,” IIRC chief executive Paul Druckman said.

The outline follows a consultation period
which began in September 2011 when the IIRC launched the discussion
paper Towards Integrated Reporting – Communicating Value
in the 21st Century.

The IIRC also confirmed it will launch a
prototype framework by the end of 2012, a draft framework mid-2013
followed by the definitive version in late 2013.

Druckman added that integrated reporting is a
market-led initiative aimed at giving stakeholders insights into
how a company’s strategy creates value over the short, medium and

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