A charitable foundation launched by the
Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS) will provide
young people in the UK with funds to undertake financial and
accountancy studies.

The Scottish institute plans to offer 40
grants of up to £10,000 ($16,201) annually for underprivileged
students and envisages providing mentoring support.

The foundation comes to strengthen ICAS’ range
of courses such as the degree and school leavers’ programmes it
offers in partnership with Birmingham, Exeter and Lancaster

ICAS said the foundation is intended to work
closely with schools, colleges, universities and charities across
the UK in order to ascertain the special needs of students who want
to forge a career in accountancy.

“ICAS and the accountancy profession have a
role to play in giving back, ensuring we do more for society and
future generations. We can help remove financial barriers. We can
support. We can encourage. We can mentor,” ICAS president
David Tweedie said. 

ICAS charitable foundation will be primarily
funded by member’s donations.