The mandatory implementation of iXBRL online
filing has raised concerns amidst accountants as they fear the
effects the demands of the new system will yield upon their

A survey conducted by the Institute of
Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS) reported that 50% of 191
respondents expressed reservations about software availability or
issues in identifying suitable software.

ICAS has raised the concerns with HM Revenue
and Customs (HMRC), who although aware of the issue still foresee
the software becoming available on the market to the schedule they

ICAS remains concerned that iXBRL-based CT
online filing is being introduced at an inappropriate time since
many businesses are still struggling in the middle of a

ICAS assistant director of tax Donald Drysdale
commented. “It would be unacceptable for companies and agents to be
forced into expensive upgrade programmes from versions such as
Office 2003 simply to comply with the new CT online filing

The institute is suggesting that the
appropriation of iXBRL format should proceed on a voluntary basis
for the moment while iXBRL-based CT should be voluntary for small
companies with an annual turnover below the £70,000 VAT
registration threshold.