The Institute of Chartered Accountants of
England and Wales (ICAEW) has launched a practice consultative

Howard Gross, a London-based small
practitioner and ICAEW council member, has been appointed the
body’s first chairman.

The new body will support the development of
ICAEW’s practice resources centre, providing information, advice
and support services to all members in practice regardless of firm

The ICAEW said the body will also advise on
current and emerging issues relating to practice, acting both as an
early warning of significant issues and a representative body.

“Against the backdrop of the ever more complex
and changing environment in which our firms operate, our practice
committee will help us understand the challenges facing our diverse
practice sector,” ICAEW’s head of practice services Gill Sykes

“ICAEW is committed to the further development
of our premium quality services, qualifications and representation
in support of practice and the expertise within the practice
committee will be invaluable in helping us deliver this.”