The International Arab Society of Certified Public Accountants (IASCA) has launched a training plan in cooperation with the Qatar Association of Certified Public Accountants (QCPA) which aims to offer programmes, qualifications and training organised by IASCA in Qatar.

QCPA in cooperation with the IASCA organised an introductory seminar at the headquarters of the Qatari Ministry of Commerce and Industry on the approved professional qualifications in the presence of a host of government and private sectors employees as well as university students.

During the seminar, IASCA executive director Salem Al-Ouri reviewed the professional certificates issued by the IASCA in the fields of accounting, auditing and related sciences and registration requirements of these certificates, with the possibility of obtaining preparatory training courses for such certificates in cooperation with the QCPA through the provision of professional curricula and training materials presented by lecturers