The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) has
launched a new format for tagging data in sustainability reports,
including carbon emissions, water use and human rights

The new XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting
Language) taxonomy was developed in collaboration with Deloitte
Netherlands and aims to help people find information hidden in
sustainability reports much more quickly and easily.

“The GRI taxonomy means that companies can tag
their sustainability data, making it easily accessible for people
who want to find information in the report.” GRI deputy chief
executive Nelmara Arbex said.

Deloitte Netherlands chief financial officer
Cees de Boer explained the taxonomy will enable both reporters and
regulators to “exchange sustainability data electronically and
inform stakeholders with consistent and high quality

“It can be a major leap in the interactive use
of sustainability data and integrating financial and non-financial
reporting.” de Boer said.

GRI also launched a Voluntary Filing Program,
where reporters that use the GRI taxonomy can promote their tagged
reports on GRI’s website.