The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) has
launched a non-governmental organisation (NGO) sector supplement to
enable non-profit organisations measure and publicly disclose their
economic, social and environmental performance indicators.

The GRI said the sector supplement was
developed due to demand for NGOs to be transparent and

The NGO sector supplement includes guidance

  • Affected stakeholder engagement;
  • Programme effectiveness;
  • Gender and diversity;
  • Public awareness and advocacy;
  • Co-ordination;
  • Resource allocation;
  • Ethical fundraising;
  • Labour/management; and,
  • Corruption Prevention.

Previously there were no NGO-specific themes
covered in GRI guidelines.

The supplement was created by a
multi-stakeholder working group that incorporated feedback from 160
experts in partnership with the GRI.

World Vision International’s director for
global accountability Beris Gwynne said the partnership with GRI
has allowed NGOs to compare their accountability initiatives with
best practice in other sectors.

“In demonstrating their own accountability,
NGOs need to show that they use at least the same standards that
they ask of others,” he added.