Sustainability experts have called on
regulators to increase company disclosure on their sustainability
rating in the latest project by the Global Reporting Initiative

The Report or Explain Campaign Forum aims to
encourage more companies to be transparent about the impact of
their business on the world or explain why they choose not to
report it.

GRI deputy chief executive Teresa Fogelberg
said the report or explain approach can persuade more companies to
report on sustainability rather than explain why they don’t.

“If a company doesn’t report its
sustainability performance but explains the reason publicly, we
would all have the chance to decide whether we want to deal with
that company. This kind of approach enables society to hold
organizations accountable for their actions,” Fogelberg said.

GRI said any organisation campaigning for the
report or explain approach -or increased corporate transparency –
can join the project or support GRI in collating information on
regulation around the world.