A coalition formed of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and
investors has called for a global framework on disclosing
sustainability information.

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Coalition, led by Aviva
Investors, has asked United Nations (UN) member states to develop a
global policy framework requiring listed and large private
companies to integrate sustainability throughout their annual
report and accounts.

UN member states will meet at the UN conference on sustainable
development, The Earth Summit, in Rio de Janeiro in June
2012. The coalition hopes UN member states will develop a policy
framework at the summit.

“Member states have an opportunity to drive us towards a
sustainable global economy, by requiring all large organisations
report their sustainability impacts, either in a sustainability
report, or integrated with financial data, or explain their
silence,” GRI chief executive Ernst Ligteringen said.

According to GRI, the successful company of tomorrow must
integrate sustainability into its strategy to achieve financial
results and create lasting value for itself, its stakeholders and