The Netherlands Ministry of Finance is
consulting on a draft bill that will allow for a merger between the
two Dutch professional accountancy bodies.

The Royal Dutch Institute of Accountants
(Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut Van Registeraccountants – NIVRA)
and the Nederlandse Orde Van Accountants-Administratieconsulenten
(NOvAA) signed an intention to merge in November 2008.

As they are statutory bodies, the government
must pass a new law before they can legally combine their

The consultation on the draft bill states the
merger between NIVRA and NOvAA is expected to result in cost
savings of €2.8m ($3.59m) per year.

NIVRA and NOvAA said the larger organisation
will also allow for further specialisation and the professional
bodies will be able to improve the services they provide to

The process to create the new law was delayed
by the collapse of the Dutch government in February. An election on
10 June failed to produce a majority government and attempts to
form a coalition are ongoing.

However, the interim government has continued
to work on the new law because it is not considered politically

The consultation opened on 19 July and will
run until 6 September.

NIVRA president Ruud Dekkers told The
in May he believes the soonest the law will pass is
July 2011.


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