The FTSE 100 rankings have never been closer, as the client numbers converge, according to Adviser Rankings latest Q3 2019 quarterly Corporate Advisers Rankings Guide. However, there is still no representation among FTSE 100 audits for firms outside the Big Four.

Nevertheless, mandatory audit tenders for these top UK companies seem to be having a profound impact. In 2005 when Adviser Rankings first started FTSE 100 rankings, the range of FTSE 100 clients for the Big Four was from 19 to 41 clients for EY and PwC respectively. That range has now narrowed to 22 clients for EY and 27 for PwC.

PwC also takes first place by FTSE 250 client market-cap, and the firm is up to third in the AIM rankings while Deloitte takes second place in the FTSE 100 client rankings and is also second by market-cap as well.

EY registered a net 11 client gain in the FTSE 100 and BDO has extended its overall lead by client numbers on AIM.  

Top Advisers by FTSE sectors

Basic Materials BDO  35
Consumer Discretionary/Staples PwC  82
Energy BDO  27
Financials KPMG 133
Healthcare PwC  25
Industrials PwC  57
Technology Grant Thornton  26