CPA Australia set to embark on
globalisation strategy

Australia’s largest professional body is planning to launch an
international trade module in a bid to further globalise its

CPA Australia, which has nearly one-quarter of its members based
outside of Australia, said the module is part of a wider initiative
to offer members the opportunity to gain greater international
skills and support. Chief executive Geoff Rankin told TA
it will be rolled out towards the second half of next year. It will
be based on international trade issues, such as how to do business
internationally, and governance issues.

The decision to create the module is part of a CPA Australia
strategy to cater to its growing international membership base.
“We’ve got over 112,000 members [and] 25,000 members live outside
of Australia; we’ve got CPAs in 98 countries around the world,”
Rankin explained. “What we’re recognising, especially among our
newer members and as a result of globalisation, is that some of our
existing members are starting to deal internationally with other

Another CPA Australia initiative Rankin highlighted is a series of
forums for CPA members based overseas, including seminars in
Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. He said: “That brings people
from the region; it gives them the opportunity as members of CPA
Australia [to] come together, network and meet other members who
are in different business activities in different parts of the
geography. It provides another networking benefit to them to expand
their international experience and knowledge.”

CPA Australia has a long presence in Asia. This stems from the
Colombo plan at the end of World War II when it was called to help
develop accountancy bodies in the region. CPA Australia recently
forged agreements with national bodies including the Malaysian
Institute of Accountants and the Vietnam Association of Certified
Public Accountants.

Rankin predicts that greater collaboration with bodies in other
countries is the way of the future.