CPA Australia chief executive Alex Malley has
interviewed the first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong in a
rare and open interview.

Malley asked 81-year-old Armstrong about his
adventure on the moon and the challenges he had to face as well as
revealing a personal link with the accounting profession.

“My father was an auditor: he audited the
books of county governments across the state where we lived Ohaio,”
Armstrong said during the four-part interview broadcasted on CPA
Australia’s website.

Prior to the interview, Malley said Armstrong
was the “perfect choice” to help explore the importance of
leadership and listening to him is “far better than any educational
MBA programme in the world”.

“Neil Armstrong is the embodiment of
leadership and vision; as accountants are increasingly required to
provide leadership and strategy beyond their technical expertise,”
Malley explained.

During the interview Armstrong explained that
as a child he had become “fascinated with the world of flight, as
an elementary school student, and determined that, somehow, I
wanted to be involved in that.”

In getting to his dream he first served as a
fighter pilot in the Korean War and then worked as a test

Armstrong said he responded to US President
John F Kennedy’s challenge to the country’s scientists to land
on the moon, which was at a time when the Soviet Union was winning
the space race war.

He also revealed his own prediction’s from the
time as to how he thought the mission would go to.
“I thought we had a 90% chance of getting back safely to Earth on
that flight but only a 50-50 chance of making a landing on that
first attempt,” Armstrong said. 

When the spaceship, Apollo 13, finally landed
on the moon with a near empty tank of petrol, Armstrong said there
was “too much work to do to spend too long reflecting on where I