The UK-based Chartered Institute of
Management Accountants (CIMA) has entered its first quality
training partner agreement with an organisation based in the

CIMA has almost 4,000 training partner
agreements, of which about 800 are quality partners. A large number
of these organisations are based in the UK, but there are also many
from other jurisdictions.

The new agreement is with the World Bank’s
resource management function, which performs the financial and
management accounting role at the bank.

According to CIMA, it is the first UK-based
accountancy body to enter into an agreement with the World Bank to
train finance and accounting employees in a professional
accountancy qualification.

The partnership will initially involve just a
small number of trainees and be limited to the US.

However, CIMA chief executive Charles Tilley
says there is significant scope for growth around the world.

The World Bank employs about 10,000 people
from more than 160 countries.

“The finance function has a key role in
supporting effective governance, delivery of strategy, also in the
whole area of performance management, which is about managing
resources, managing risk, and then ultimately the reporting,”
Tilley said.

“Those skills are really required across all
organisations, but particularly in organisations which are have a
very wide range of activities across the world and are involved in
very significant projects.”

Quality training partners must provide a
complete programme of support to employees studying for the CIMA

Other attributes CIMA looks for in quality
training partners include a culture of training and support within
the organisation, mentoring support, financial support for the
tuition and study guides, and support in terms of time off for

“We are very excited about the fact
that this is our first quality training partner in the US and it is
great to start with an organisation of the prestige of the World
Bank,” Tilley said.