The Chartered Institute of Management
Accountants (CIMA) is appealing a decision by a Sri Lankan
accounting body to use the designatory letters granted to CIMA

The Institute of Certified Management
Accountants of Sri Lanka (ICMA) was recently incorporated under an
Act of Parliament, which granted it more power and responsibility.
It previously operated as the Society of Certified Management
Accountants of Sri Lanka.

At the same time the new law passed, the ICMA
said it would begin granting its members the post-nominals used by
CIMA – the ACMA for associated chartered management accountants and
FCMA for fellows.

The ICMA previously granted its members the
post-nominals ASCMA and FSCMA.

CIMA has more members in Sri Lanka than
anywhere other than the UK. The institute was established in the
South Asian nation in 1965 and now has about 2,000 members and
12,000 students.

CIMA director of professional standards Robin
Vaughan said that while the ICMA syllabus is “perfectly reputable”,
it is more equivalent to a technician qualification. The local
qualification is, however, much more affordable than CIMA, which
means it is accessible to many more students.

Vaughan said that while CIMA supports the role
of the ICMA in Sri Lanka, the change in post-nominals is “entirely

“One is hugely supportive of an education
agenda and giving access to people but throwing the market into
confusion by having designatory letters that are identical to
different qualifications does seem mildly unhelpful and arguably
somewhat improper,” he said.

The avenue of appeal for these matters in Sri
Lanka is the Consumer Affairs Authority.

“We have made the most strong objections to
the Consumer Affairs Authority, who are no doubt considering them,
but not as quickly as I think everyone would like,” Vaughan

The Accountant contacted ICMA for
comment but received no reply.