The Center for Audit Quality (CAQ) has
committed funding towards three independent, auditing-related
research projects by the CAQ’s Research Advisory Board (RAB).

The projects will focus on audit quality,
engagement quality review and fraud deterrence and detection.

The projects were selected from more than 30
proposals received by the RAB, addressing topics such as audit
quality, professional judgment and professional scepticism.

The RAB chose the projects it felt would help
promote high quality performance by public company auditors. They

  • “Can Earnings Quality Research Tell Us Anything about Audit
    Quality?” by Jere Francis and Paul Michas, University of
  • “The Impact of Engagement Quality Control Review Practices on
    Concurring Partner Objectivity,” by Jennifer Mueller, James Long
    and Duane Brandon, Auburn University;
  • “The Effect of Prevention and Detection Interventions on Fraud
    Dynamics in Organizations,” by Jon Davis and Heather Pesch,
    University of Wisconsin.

The RAB promotes academic research on topics
relevant to auditing and is comprised of members from the academic
world and the audit profession.

“Funding academic research on audit-related
topics benefits audit quality and also provides increased
opportunities for interaction between academics and practitioners,”
CAQ executive director Cindy Fornelli commented.