The Australian National Institute of
Accountants (NIA) is to change its name and introduce a raft of new
resources and services, signaling a major shake-up to the

The NIA will become the Institute of Public
Accountants (IPA) – following a majority vote by its membership –
in a move expected to” reinvigorate” the organisation.  

NIA chief executive officer Andrew Conway said
including “public accountants” in the new name “denotes a qualified
professional in the accounting sector and it’s time our members
received the recognition they deserve for their masters-degree
equivalent qualification.”

Alongside the name change, which will be
effective from May, NIA’s members have also voted in support of new
products and services.

The NIA said its new resources will include a
financial services tool to enable members to network with financial
advisors, a tool to help members manage client superannuation and
other investments, an employment relations and recruitment service,
online technical support and an online system for public practice
quality assurance reviews.

 “Our aim is to ensure the needs and
requirements of our members, the profession and the business
community are maintained and protected,” Conway said.

According to the latest The
Australia survey the NIA has 15,318 qualified
members, 8,228 students and an annual turnover of