The American Institute of Certified Public
Accountants (AICPA) has selected 34 young CPAs to participate in
the institute’s third annual Leadership Academy.

The participants will attend courses, lectures
and mentoring sessions to develop the skills necessary to become
future leaders in business, industry, government and accounting.
The event will be held in Durham in October.

The CPAs are all under the age of 35 and come
from a variety of different professions and ethnic backgrounds.
Some work in public accounting and others in business, industry,
government and academia.

The 2011 class has twice the number of
business, industry and government candidates as classes of 2009 and
2010. The tax and audit split is 50:50 and 11 states have first
time candidates.

After graduating from the Academy, the
candidates will be assigned to either an AICPA volunteer committee
or a state society volunteer committee in the participants’ home