Accountancy firms and in-house financial
departments must put staff career development as a top priority or
risk losing them, according to an online survey by

The survey of 1,700 accountants found 40% were
already job hunting, another 18% will be looking for a new job
within six months and a further 13% between 6-12 months. 

Eight in ten surveyed did not believe their
company was doing enough to help develop their careers and four in
ten felt that career development is low on their company’s

The majority of accountant respondents (77%)
also believed their bosses were failing to encourage and nurture

The survey also revealed 85% would readily
consider moving abroad, even learning a new language if required.
Western Europe (22%), the Middle East (16%) and Australia and New
Zealand (14%) were amongst the most popular with 30% of accountants
who wanted to leave their job immediately also felt their career
progression would fare better overseas.

Nearly half the respondents admitted however
that a pay rise, promotion and better benefits could sway them to
stay and about 25% would like the option to relocate
internationally within the firm.

“However, it should also be noted that job
seekers must also avoid complacency,” director
Max Williamson warned. “Due to the lack of opportunities over the
last two years, these roles are receiving many applications and
competition remains high,” he added.

The survey involved respondents from across
the globe, 850 of which were based in Europe and the UK.