The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) has launched a business school which aims to equip accountants with the skills they require to protect, grow, or reinvent their business practice.

Open to both AAT members and non-members, the school is beginning with two one-day courses hosted by The BoB Group (Business of Brand) co-founder Darren Shirlaw. The courses, which are being held at the AAT’s London office in Barbican, will focus on driving growth and new clientele, followed by looking at pricing to increase earnings.

Shirlaw said: “Financial forecasting and growth strategy is the future of a company. If we can get the accountancy industry out of analysing the past, it will put them in the boardroom working with managers whilst they are making growth decisions.

“Delegates that come to the AAT Business School will pick up a number of skills. Some of these will be the analysis and mathematical skills of looking at profit and loss statements in a different way; others will be focusing on business strategy, using the skills that we have today but in a futuristic context.”

AAT director of finance and operations Jannine Edgar said: “It is no trade secret that the role of the accountant is evolving, and AAT members will want to be at the forefront of industry change. The AAT Business School, developed as part of a shift in our CPD programme, is designed to equip accountants with the skills needed for success while the landscape around them changes.

“In time, we hope to broaden out the school so that accountants will be encouraged to bring their clients along, allowing all affected parties to learn how to improve their financial growth strategies.”