The Institute of Chartered Accounts of Scotland (ICAS) has appointed Indy Singh Hothi as its president at the ICAS Annual General Meeting on 29 April.

Supporting Sing Hothi in his role as president are Clive Bellingham CA, who has been appointed deputy president of ICAS, and Alison Cornwell CA, who has been appointed vice president of ICAS.

Commenting on his appointment, Sing Hothi said: “I’m thrilled to be able to build upon my years as an ICAS Office Bearer by taking up the role of ICAS President.

“With the worst days of the pandemic firmly behind us there’s a natural and widely shared desire for everything to return to ‘normal’. However, what’s abundantly clear is that the experience of COVID not only changed our perceptions of what ‘normal’ means but also provided us with invaluable opportunities for change.

“We now find ourselves poised at a junction: do we turn and look back or do we break the mould and set our focus on a new and improved future? The role of CAs in reaching this new future is clear: we must continue leading from the front and act as positive change-makers within the worlds of business, finance and society in general.

“As a collective profession, and as individual CAs, we must act upon the lessons we’ve learned during the past few years and help to create organisations that are even stronger and more successful.

“I look forward to representing CAs as President of ICAS for the coming year, and working together with Members and the Office Bearer team to safeguard the sustainable future of the profession and maintain the power of accountancy as a force for good.”

Indy takes over from Bruce Pritchard CA, chief executive officer – International of Liminal BioSciences, and will serve a year in office.