The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS) has appointed Bruce Pritchard as its president for 2021/22.

In 2001, Pritchard became a council member for ICAS and has since chaired the Members Board and the London Area Network. He served as the deputy president for 2020/21.

Commenting on his appointment, Pritchard said: “I’m thrilled to be able to build upon my year as an ICAS Office Bearer by taking up the role of ICAS President.

“As we move forward from an unprecedented year, we now have the opportunity to build a sustainable future for the profession by maximising the efficiencies we achieved while working in a virtual world.

“Our thought leadership, professional guidance, expertise and ethical reason helped navigate a course through 2020, and to inform decisions made by governments and businesses around the world.

“ICAS must now ensure that we continue to influence recovery and shape the future, one that embraces new technology, is focused on sustainability, ethics and equality, is more heavily invested in the value of human capital, and with leadership which actively seeks out diverse perspectives.

“I look forward to representing CAs as President of ICAS for the coming year, and working together with Members and the Office Bearer team to achieve a better, more sustainable future, for the benefit of ICAS, the profession and society as a whole.”

Supporting Pritchard in his role, Indy Hothi will serve as deputy president and Clive Bellingham will serve as vice president of ICAS.

Commenting on the new appointments, ICAS CEO Bruce Cartwright said: ““Bruce is a forward-thinking and inclusive leader with a wealth of experience, and we are delighted that he will serve as our new ICAS President for 2021/22.

“I would also like to congratulate Indy Hothi CA and Clive Bellingham CA, who have been appointed as our new Deputy President and Vice President.

“As we move forward from the pandemic our ICAS Office Bearers, Bruce, Indy and Clive, will help ensure that we continue to build on our global reputation and embrace the future and the opportunities ahead of us.”

Pritchard was appointed at the ICAS AGM held on 30 April 2021. He succeeds Catherine Burnet.