The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) has launched free maths resources for GCSE pupils based on real-life scenarios such as planning a summer holiday or analysing business performance.

ICAEW partnered with online education company Nebula learning to launch the resources which are designed to make GCSE maths more relevant to teenagers’ lives.

The resources will also help pupils prepare for their exams; a quarter of GCSE maths questions involves the application of maths to real-life settings.

These teaching resources have been mapped against the national curriculum for Key Stage Four pupils and cover a wide range of topics. These including using algebra to compare mobile phone contracts, analysing business performance with statistics, and using geometry to budget a home renovation.

ICAEW director of global marketing, brand and belonging Sharon Spice said: “These new resources will help teachers provide an engaging approach to maths lessons by bringing the subject to life, so young people can use maths in the situations they may face in the real world.

“Given that a quarter of GCSE maths exam questions are set in a real-world context and cause pupils the most struggles, we were keen to ensure that our resources cover these scenarios and link back to the national curriculum and exam content. We hope teachers and pupils find them useful.”