Despite the continued disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, most Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) June exam sittings were completed worldwide.

The result saw over 103,00 students around the world entering almost 128,000 exams. A total of 3,838 students completed their final exams to become ACCA affiliates.

ACCA executive director of content, quality and innovation Alan Hatfield said: “We are pleased to see the results of this latest exam sitting.

“We are continuing to provide dedicated support to student’s exam success including having access to a series of webinars and podcasts with expert tutors, highlighting important exam techniques and tips for success. Our Student Accountant app offers study advice and guidance, and our Practical Experience learning resources are all free for our students. We also continue to urge our students to use the ACCA exam Practice Platform, a free resource allowing them to take past exams on a platform that mimics the real exam platform. Accompanying the platform are guides to self-marking and detailed examiner’s reports to help students and tutors better understand performance.  Pass rates are up to 20% better for students who use this resource, compared to those who do not.

“As always, we want to thank all our students for choosing to study with ACCA. This latest session saw over 21,000 remotely invigilated exam entries. Remote invigilation has worked as a contingency measure, and I want to reassure students that we’ll continue to help them progress by offering remotely invigilated exams where needed. We are working directly with our exam delivery partners to improve the examination experience and we’ll continue to instil confidence in remote invigilation via high level feedback sessions with learning partners and through our communications activities. Students are also able to take exams in centres where it is safe and appropriate to do so.”