04 Jan 2021

Revenue management: a new perspective and framework

 In a recent IMA Statement on Management Accounting (SMA), Revenue Management Fundamentals, leading researchers sought to factor revenue management into a model that tends to focus primarily on cost management.The…

04 Jan 2021 By Verdict Staff

14 Dec 2020

The CFO of the future: nine skill sets for today and beyond

Automation has moved the finance function closer to business strategy and decision-making, as basic ‘number-crunching’ is left to software. This has, in turn, altered the CFO’s role. Another key development…

14 Dec 2020 By Verdict Staff

07 Dec 2020

Attracting the top Generation Z finance talent

Covid-19 has clearly thrown many plans – including hiring – into flux. However, downturns also highlight the importance of great talent, writes Sage People director Hannah WrightAs organisations continue to…

07 Dec 2020 By Verdict Staff