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We need to address global water reporting

  • Author: Alex Malley
  • Published: 23 Jun 2015

Water scarcity represents a vital challenge for the world, and with a commitment to effective disclosure and corporate action the accounting.... read more

Editor's letter: The land of the upright men

  • Author: Carlos Martin Tornero
  • Published: 5 Jun 2015

Corrupt local elites and voracious multinationals take advantage of weak institutions to syphon the wealth that should be paying for the.... read more

Who can you trust?

  • Published: 4 Jun 2015

As trust is an outcome, and not a message, leaders need to be prepared to stand naked if they want to earn public trust in a new chaotic and.... read more

Financial reporting – when more is less?

  • Author: Alex Malley
  • Published: 26 May 2015

Information that is not understandable is not valuable. In the end, what goes in and what is left out of financial reports will continue to come.... read more

Editor's letter: Quid pro quo

  • Author: Carlos Martin Tornero
  • Published: 7 May 2015

What prompts companies and individuals to make political donations? Some would argue it’s a political right or even a matter of social.... read more

Globally converged IFRS: myth or reality?

  • Author: Alex Malley
  • Published: 30 Apr 2015

Factions within the European Commission are calling for a root and branch review of IFRS citing “widespread concerns” with compatibility between.... read more

Accountants’ biggest concerns in 2015

  • Published: 14 Apr 2015

Accountants need to adapt to the great changes that their clients are facing. They need to make the profession attractive for talented and young.... read more

Editor's letter: Lobbying and the City (of Brussels)

  • Author: Carlos Martin Tornero
  • Published: 9 Apr 2015

There is nothing to be ashamed of lobbying. Everyone, even in our daily life, does it. It might even be one of the world's oldest professions. But.... read more

Insolvency: it’s like a death in the family

  • Author: Alex Malley
  • Published: 25 Mar 2015

Governments and regulators in a number of major economies have either completed or are currently undertaking ‘root-and-branch’ reviews of their.... read more

Editor's letter: Portrait of an Afghan woman

  • Author: Carlos Martin Tornero
  • Published: 9 Mar 2015

The birthplace of the nascent Afghan accountancy industry is not Kabul, but Peshawar in Pakistan.. read more

2050 and the future of apprenticeships

  • Published: 6 Mar 2015

In recent years apprenticeships have begun to be a larger part of the conversation on different career options, a change that will benefit the.... read more

Culture and simplicity key for audit committees

  • Author: Alex Malley
  • Published: 4 Mar 2015

Culture is perhaps not the first word you would associate with the work of audit committees but it was certainly a central theme emerging at a.... read more

Madam, there is a shrimp in the accounts

  • Author: Vincent Huck
  • Published: 26 Feb 2015

Each time I face a row of king prawns and shrimps in the supermarket I find myself asking this daunting question: where were the auditors? Before.... read more

Richard Cha: UK tax system essay competition

  • Published: 25 Feb 2015

By Richard Cha | This essay shall seek to explore practical decentralised fiscal reform and investigate how devolving some financial and fiscal.... read more

Jamie Parker: UK tax system essay competition

  • Author: The Accountant
  • Published: 24 Feb 2015

By Jamie Parker | This paper proposes a tax system which encourages businesses that invest in their human capital and provides incentives for a.... read more

Ryan Gwinnett: UK tax system essay competition

  • Published: 23 Feb 2015

By Ryan Gwinnett | We have a Nokia 3210 tax system in the UK; it is clunky, difficult to navigate and out of touch with the modern Briton. While.... read more

Moira Chadwick: UK tax system essay competition

  • Published: 20 Feb 2015

Moira Chadwick was a runner-up in a PwC UK essay competition. Moira is from Reading and is currently in her final year of university, studying.... read more

Cloud accounting: a match made in heaven?

  • Author: Carlos Martin Tornero
  • Published: 13 Feb 2015

Could it be a coincidence that KPMG is the one firm amongst the Big Four that more evidently targets the SME segment? Possibly not. But wait a.... read more

The latest seismic shift in accounting

  • Published: 11 Feb 2015

By Rich Preece | The advances in accounting have been spread out over thousands of years but we’re on the precipice of the latest major shift,.... read more

Editor's letter: Iran also in from the cold?

  • Author: Carlos Martin Tornero
  • Published: 4 Feb 2015

Is Iran the new Cuba? Judging by the news reports from Geneva’s nuclear talks, a compromise between Washington and Teheran could be reached at some.... read more

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